The way I work

I offer an integrated form of therapy, as we are all different and view the world in our own unique way. I believe that one therapy does not suit all so being trained in all the major theories enables me to pick and choose the right model or models to suit your individual needs. I tailor therapy to fit each individual client. I am trained in Psychodynamic, Person Centred, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Psychosynthesis. I also offer coaching in Mindfulness, helping you to stay calm and focused on what is happening in the here and now instead of looking to the past or future. The mind and body work in unison wherein lifestyle choices such as poor nutrition and lack of activity will have a great impact on emotional wellbeing. I take a holistic approach to improving your emotional wellbeing and therefore, the option to address these aspects of your life are there for you, should you wish to.

Feedback has told me that I am down to earth, kind, approachable and sensitive, making the experience of therapy very positive and sometimes different from what the individual may have expected. My aim is for you to feel valued and safe to enable you to explore the issues that are troubling you in your own time and to work together to help you find self-acceptance and a happier future. It is a place for you to be heard and understood; an opportunity for you to talk, in confidence, about issues that may be currently difficult to share with others. It is also a chance to reflect, explore and integrate feelings and thoughts and use the space as you feel it most appropriate and beneficial to you. I am passionate about helping people to live happier lives and reach their full potential and find my work incredibly rewarding. Together we can work through your concerns, at your own pace, making sense of your thoughts and feelings to help you move forwards and resolve those issues that are holding you back.

I believe that the relationship between the therapist and the client is at the centre of the counselling process, and ultimately it is the relationship that promotes healing, wellbeing, growth and change for the client. I offer a confidential and safe environment for you to develop a greater understanding of yourself. You will be accepted without judgment as we untangle your troubles together. My ethos is that helping a person explore their inner issues needs to be done in a compassionate and sympathetic way. You as an individual remain of foremost importance. I believe that we have the potential for growth and change.

My learning and passion for this work has come from many sources over many years. I believe that as therapists, we can only travel along our client’s path as far as we have gone ourselves, and therefore I have undergone considerable personal and professional development in my fields of specialism.

I offer short-term work that may provide some coping strategies, and longer term work that explores more in-depth. I work with all kinds of relationship and lifestyle issues. Some of which are listed below:-


Professional Qualifications and Training/Expertise

I am a fully qualified Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and an Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy working with Adults, Individuals and Families.
I have additional professional qualifications having undergone training to work within some of the other areas detailed in this website. I also undertake regular Continuous Professional Development training to ensure that my approach remains up to date and compatible with the latest expertise in the arena of therapeutic counselling.
I have practiced in counselling over a considerable number of years. My experience includes working with clients in private, organisational and voluntary settings (hospices) covering a broad range of issues. My experience of providing counselling in the City of London has provided me with the opportunity to work with a vast range of clients from a diverse background on a variety of different issues. I am used to working with clients in both brief and long term therapy.

Consultation session

I will explain more about the way I work, including confidentiality, and will answer any questions or address any fears you have about counselling. I will be interested in finding a little about what brings you to counselling now but will not push you for information and will go at a pace that feels right for you. This can be a valuable and clarifying experience even if you decide not to continue.

How often do I need to come and for how long?

I offer different levels of on-going support from short term focused therapy for specific issues or longer term counselling. I am happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Counselling is a one to one relationship that requires commitment from both parties. The more consistent the commitment, the more opportunity for the therapy process to work. You and I can review the work regularly to ensure that counselling remains beneficial and relevant to you.