Adoption Counselling

Adoption evokes strong emotions, touching as it does ideas and feelings about the family, belonging, parenting, intimacy, loss, hereditary and environment.

During the 1990s successive Government’s instigated reviews of adoption practice to bring legislation in line with current practice. This culminated in the passing of the 2002 Adoption Act. Which stipulates that work undertaken by any counsellor where the focus is adoption, must be through an adoption agency or an adoption support agency. I am a registered LINK counsellor working with adopters and adoptees as well birth parents and their families.

Whether you were or are the adopter, adoptee, birth relative or other family members of the adoptee or birth parent, adoption can have a huge impact on you. There are likely to be a mixture of emotions such as fear, rejection, anger, guilt, shame, anxiety and a lack of trust, to name a few. Whatever the reason, I can help you work through difficult feelings to help you address the past and present and move your life in the direction your wish.

Training with LINK Barnardos* has provided me with knowledge of the adoption process so I will be able to help you with any practical questions you may have about the processes as well as provide you with a therapeutic space to work through any issues you wish to bring.

* As a LINK approved Adoption Counsellor, I have undertaken training in adoption issues and am registered with LINK. This training is a requirement of the 2005 Adoption Support Agency Regulations which stimulate that work undertaken by any counsellors where the focus is adoption must be through an adoption agency or an adoption support agency.