Obesity and Eating Disorders – Crawley

With the easy accessibility of food the question of how to develop a healthy relationship with food and eating is a major challenge for many individuals. Many are dieting or trying to moderate their eating behaviour. Even if symptoms don’t add up to a formal eating disorder they can still cause a lot of misery, worry and difficulty maintaining a steady, healthy weight. To understand your eating you first have to understand yourself.

Understanding your eating can help you understand the way you use food. My approach is to help you understand how you may be misusing food and your eating can become entangled with emotions as a way of dealing with them, so that you can find other ways of managing your emotions. I will also help you to gain an understanding of the affects of foods on the mind and body so that you choose and eat foods in a way that does not leave you feeling hungry, like diets sometimes do. I am a qualified Practitioner who has undergone Master Practitioner training in Eating Disorders and Obesity with the National Centre for Eating Disorders* .

I am also qualified in Nutrition to support those with disordered eating habits and will help you to make nutritional changes which will help you find your body’s natural healthy weight. I work with other health professionals in order to ensure that you get the necessary support.
*Eating Disorders include Anorexia, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge eating, and EDNOS (eating Disorders non specified).

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • Are you eating more than you should?
  • Are you trapped in a constant cycle of dieting?
  • Are you anxious or upset about your weight, shape and size?
  • Are you experiencing physical symptoms as a result of eating habits?
  • Is your day to day life affected by your eating habits?
  • Do you eat and make yourself sick?
  • Do you fear weight gain?
  • Do you prefer to eat alone?
  • Do you feel your eating habits are out of control?
  • Do you use laxatives?
  • Do you have regular episodes of binge eating?
  • Do you feel ashamed and/or guilty about your eating habits?

If you can relate to any of the above, please contact me on 07961 151 088 or email me at alison@talkingheals.co.uk for a discussion or to book an initial consultation.